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Readers love my books - and they love getting discounts as well - which is why I'm doing a little offer I think you'll love. You can fill your reading device with the first and second instalments in the Jake Tanner Terror Thriller Series at a discounted price.

Jake Tanner is an everyday man -- you wouldn't pick him out of a crowd. But he always finds himself in the worst possible situations, and he will do anything he can to stop them from happening. He loves his family, and they're the reason he gets out of bed in the morning. But when his wife and children's lives are threatened, Jake will stop at nothing to protect them from catastrophic terrorist events. 



The Jake Tanner Series: Books 1-2 include the first two instalments in the pulsating thriller series that will leave your heart racing. If you like gut-wrenching, nauseatingly-suspenseful, edge-of-your-seat thrill rides, you'll love Jack Probyn's series.


Also available in paperback and hardback 

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Pulsating thrillers that will have your heart racing...
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