In the oppressive London summer heat, two brothers orchestrate the deadliest terror attack the city has ever seen. Three airport-bound trains are brought to a standstill with thousands held hostage. And when the dust settles, the Metropolitan Police are left scrambling for solutions. 


The terrorists promise to let hostages go, but first Detective Jake Tanner must play his part in their twisted games. The rules are simple--follow them, and no one gets hurt. Break them, and the consequences will be fatal. But when he discovers the identity of one of the passengers, Jake realises this isn’t just about saving hostages. 


Battling a faceless figure who’s appointed himself God, Jake must save the passengers before the city descends into utter mayhem. 


But how far will he go? Will he save everyone in time? And will he like the chilling truth he learns along the way?

What Others Are Saying About Standstill

"A pulsating thriller that moves at an electrifying pace... Tightly plotted with unbelievable tension... Jack Probyn comes across as a master in crafting a story with an exhilarating endgame… This book is a rare gem." - Readers' Favorite

"It is the most riveting book I have read in a long time. All I can say is please read for yourself it is stunning." - Amazon Reviewer

"Fast-paced storyline with fantastic chase scenes." - Amazon Reviewer



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July 31, 23:50

Homemade bombs are easy to make.


All it takes is some ammonium nitrate and hydrogen peroxide. Both can be found in household items such as haircare products and fertiliser. Mix the ingredients together below ten degrees to form crystals, then combine with water, flour, and an initiator, and you’ve got yourself a device capable of killing dozens and injuring countless more. On the face of it, it’s simple. But both substances are incredibly volatile and must be handled with extreme care. It had taken Moshat and his brother months to learn the basics, but, for Moshat, homemade bombs wouldn’t do. Killing dozens wasn’t enough. For their operation, they would need professional, large-scale stuff. And they had the training to acquire it.


Moshat stood beside the desk and leafed through the files in the ring binder, counting off the seconds until it was time to begin, when his colleague entered the room. ‘Come on, mate. Shift’s over. You coming?’ Adam said.


Moshat hesitated. ‘I’m just finishing up a few more things.’ The light above him flickered, making the shadow he cast over the documents he held in his hands more ominous. It was important to make it look like he was busy. ‘You go. I’ll catch you up or see you tomorrow. I don’t know how long I'll be.’


‘You sure?’


Moshat nodded, keeping his gaze fixed on the papers in front of him. ‘It’s fine. Just go home, your missus will be getting worried. She might think you’re cheating on her.’


Adam chuckled, his oversized belly and sagging jowls wobbling with each laugh. ‘Chance would be a fine thing.’ He turned to leave the room. ‘See you tomorrow, then. Have a good one.’


Moshat grunted as a way of response. Finally. He let a deep sigh of exultation. Fucking finally.


Now he could begin.


As soon as he heard the factory shutter door close, way off in the distance, he placed his pen on the table. It was exactly parallel to the three other pens, two pencils, a small rubber and a shatterproof ruler. After a quick readjustment of the ruler, he was ready to go. Everything needed to be perfectly aligned, perfectly in order, and perfectly well-hidden.


Moshat glanced over at the red clock hanging on the wall and then at the digital clock on his desk. 23:50. Ten minutes to go. He breathed out and relaxed, allowing the tension in his back and shoulders to ease. As he arched closer to the wall, the knots in his muscles loosened. That idiot Gardner, he thought, shaking his head. It had been a close call; he didn’t think he would shake Adam away in time, like a piece of discarded chewing gum on his shoe. It was imperative that there were no delays. Delays were costly and could lead to further mistakes — or worse, they could lead to nothing happening at all. And so far, Adam Gardner had posed the biggest threat to the operation.


Moshat sat down on his chair. The wave of pain deep in his back returned with a vengeance. The injury hadn't been kind to him. It had changed the course of his career, meant his dream was ruined, and nearly left him paralysed and in a wheelchair for the rest of his life. The discomfort and hurt was a constant reminder of those responsible and how they now lifted trophies in the youth team for West Ham with promising careers ahead of them. Tomorrow he would ignore the pain, give in to it, sacrifice himself so he could see the operation through to the end and have enough painkillers in his system to knock out a horse. He would not let any signs of weakness ruin the worst terror attack London had ever seen, the attack which he had worked so hard to prepare for.

Interview with the author, Jack Probyn

Q - Can Jake Tanner be compared to any other crime thriller heroes out there?

A - You know, I wouldn't say Jake Tanner is like any of the other crime thriller heroes currently out there. He’s not like the Jack Reachers’ or the Alex Cross’ of these worlds. Sure, he has some similar characteristics, but Jake Tanner is very unique. Jake is a very heavily family-centered man. Anything and everything he does is done for them. But this does, in no way, mean that he is like Alex Cross who, readers familiar with James Patterson’s star, will know is a lean, mean, fighting machine. Instead, Jake Tanner is simply an everyday man. The one you see on the train to and from work everyday. That's what makes Detective Jake Tanner different.


Q - What makes the Detective Jake Tanner series special?


A - A mix of things. I wanted something that would “Wow!” readers, something that is going to make them think, “What if that ever happened to me?” And so I mirrored the Jake Tanner series on something I would like to read myself. The Jake Tanner terror thriller series has a bit of everything. But all of them feature the big question: “What if…” And, once you've read them, you’ll never feel the same way about certain things again.



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