Weekly Wednesday Winspiration

WEEKLY WEDNESDAY WINSPIRATION Ts&Cs: So you want to become part of the Weekly Wednesday Winspiration?

Fantastic! We'd love to have you on board. I'm sure you're brimming with questions, so let us try and answer a few of them for you now. If you do, however, find that your question isn't answered below, then we’re always contactable at jack@jackprobynbooks.com.

WHAT IS WEEKLY WEDNESDAY WINSPIRATION (WWW)? Weekly Wednesday Winspiration (or as it may be referred to as, WWW, from now on), is a platform for which any creative person may share form(s) of inspiration that has arisen to them in the past week. WWW is a growing community of creatives - whether it be in the field of literature, art, photography - and offers all participants a chance to share successes with other members - and even a few passersby! No matter how big or small your inspiration may be for that week, it can still be included - so long as it is reaching towards an overarching goal you may have in life. That part is fundamental to what Weekly Wednesday Winspiration is about: using other’s forms of inspiration to inspire your own.


Anyone and everyone with a creative mind is welcome to participate. Of course, as the team begins to expand there may be regulations on who/how many can join. But these will be updated as and when. If you're unsure whether you fall under this category, as the term “creative” can be quite broad, then request to become a member, and we’ll let you know if you're suitable or not.


The answer to this one is almost as broad as the term creative. Let's say you're a writer, and you're working towards getting published: you can submit a blog post about how close you are/any progresses you've made. Or perhaps you're a photographer who likes taking photos of picturesque landscapes, but have been lacking some inspiration and then all of a sudden find it, then you may submit those, too. Below is a list of potential content one can submit. This is in no way the full, extensive list (because there isn't one), so do not take it as gospel; it's all we could think to come up with:

  • Inspirational blog posts. Whether it be your own or someone else's, it doesn't matter. So long as you have permission.

  • Pictures that you have seen on the internet that have inspired you in any shape or form, and how & why they inspired you.

  • Short stories! Or any other work of fiction. Everybody loves to see some creative content, and where better place to share it than on Weekly Wednesday Winspiration?

  • Social media posts that have perhaps given you an idea to try a different approach to something in life.

  • Updates on your current Work In Progress. Everyone would love to know how your hard work is coming along, so spread the word.


It's an incredibly simple process. There is no sort of screening checks or anything in place, so do not feel like you have to impress us.

  • If you are interested and want to submit, please fill out this form. When completing the form, you will have to give a brief biography on yourself. Please note, this biography is the one we will use on your first ever Weekly Wednesday Winspiration post - so make sure it shows off your skills and talents in a flurry of colours.

  • Once you have submitted the form, it'll add you to our database and you will receive a nice welcome email, repeating all of the instructions mentioned here, so you don't forget. Not that we’re insulting your intelligence or anything, it's just that it never hurts to be prepared.

  • Depending on which day of the week you join, and how quickly you submit your content, you'll be included in the first weeks’ post. So, for example, if you join on a Thursday, then you will feature on the following Wednesday’s Winspiration post. However, if you join on the Tuesday (the day before the post), and don't submit content to us in time, then you will miss that slot, but will be included in the following Week’s.

WHAT HAPPENS IF I DON’T POST? Nothing. Absolutely nothing at all. The worst that will happen is that your loyal fans will be disappointed you didn't post anything. It's not like a team of death-thirsty Winspirers will be chasing after you. We don't work like that. We get it, life and work can keep you busy at times so there's no stress if you miss a few weeks. Although, if you would no longer like to take part in Weekly Wednesday Winspiration, then email us to let us know and we will remove you from the mailing list.

WHAT ELSE DO I NEED TO KNOW? For now, that covers everything, however, there is one final thing. Because you are going to be a big part of this community, all we ask in return is that you share, promote, rant, rave about Weekly Wednesday Winspiration through any social media channels/creative groups/blog posts you like. Although keep the ranting to a minimum, and make sure it's only good ranting! That way, the community will continue to expand and develop. Who knows - you might find your next collaborator on Weekly Wednesday Winspiration.

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