University - One Month In

So, university started well over a month ago for me. I’m now in my final year which means soon I’ll be out in the big wide world (unless I can make my millions from Standstill and my other Jake Tanner books).

Being in my final year also means that I should be on top of everything. Lectures, readings, essays, and dissertations.

And, to my surprise, I am.

I originally had some doubts about returning to university after a year out doing a placement in industry, because I didn’t think I’d be able to settle back into the routine. One of the biggest struggles I have had, however, is learning; I’ve forgotten how to. To keep a long story short, I was in a lecture the other day, and during our class discussion, some of my fellow students were sprouting fantastic ideas that came out of nowhere. And I just sat there perplexed, confused, and slightly, disheartened.

But nevertheless, I’ve been keeping on top of my readings, I’ve been attending lectures, and I’ve also managed to make a start on some of my essays which aren’t due until early 2018.

Most importantly, however, I have been fortunate enough to write the 9,000 word limit of my creative writing dissertation piece (my module differs from others whereby I get to write a 9,000 creative piece on anything I want, and then I have to do a 3,000 word critical commentary on it). I originally wrote the opening to a fantasy novel during my placement year, which I am going to use for my submission.

You could call it cheating. I just call it getting ahead.

I’ve surprised myself in other ways, too.

When I first began the year, I thought I was going to revert back to my old university ways: waking up late, not doing anything productive, getting things done at the last minute.

Well, well, well. Not anymore I tell you!

I’ve been emulating a similar work pattern to that of when I was doing my placement year. Instead of waking up whenever I wanted or whenever my body clock woke me up, I’ve been setting alarms for 6 am.

6 am!

Quite unorthodox for a student, eh?!

When I wake up, I spend the morning reading (either a book or piece of reading for the seminar), and attempting to reach my daily quota of two-thousand words for the second instalment in the Jake Tanner series.

This way I can get the important things done early on, so that I am able to focus more on other uni-related issues throughout the day. And I can also allow myself some down time as well.

I’m working hard and I want to keep it that way, especially now that my Standstill manuscript is off with an editor, I want to be able to get all of the university assignments out of the way so that I am able to focus primarily on that when it is returned to me.

I’ve got a good system going. At this rate, I’ll have completed everything before Christmas!


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