STANDSTILL: Launch Post #2

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

What inspired Standstill?

I first wrote STANDSTILL in 2016, during my year in industry which was part of my university programme. I was working in a toy and games company in London, and would commute for approximately three hours a day.

It was during that time I started to write. I wanted something better to do with my time, rather than sitting there scrolling endlessly through Facebook or Twitter or Instagram, numbing my mind. I tried it once, but stopped after I could feel my brain cells dying.

I wanted to make better use of that time, because the majority of my day was spent commuting and working. I wanted to better myself and develop the stories in my head, so that's what I did.

And that's when the inspiration for STANDSTILL came. I was on the commute to work one morning, the train had come to a stop because there were some delays - as is an all too common problem in the UK - and I just thought, “What if this train stopped because there were terrorists on it? What if this train was taken hostage?”

Then the ideas began to develop and become more complex from then onwards. Instead of it just being one train, what about three? Instead of the terrorists being on the train, what if it was all controlled remotely, and there were explosives on board?

A snowball effect took place after that and, a few hours later, the plan for STANDSTILL was formed. I wanted to make the novel as complex as possible, with as many twists and turns as I could imagine, and I also wanted Jake Tanner to have to jump through as many hoops as possible, as well.

Now, without giving too much away, Jake Tanner must overcome a lot of obstacles - explosions and underground trains to name a few. There's also a few personal trials for Jake to overcome. They add more fuel to Jake’s desire to save the day and rescue everyone on board.

The novel itself is quite long. It sits at about 101,000 words which is by no means the longest novel ever, but nor is it the shortest. The reason I chose STANDSTILL to be a lengthy piece is because I personally like long books. I think they're worth investing my time and money in - with shorter novels, for example, I feel a little disappointed. As if I haven't got my money’s worth. And with STANDSTILL I can guarantee you will get your money’s worth.

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