Recharging and resetting... kind of.

In the past few months, I‘ve visited Kent more times than I ever have done in my life. It helps that it‘s only about an hours’ drive away.

Nonetheless, we‘ve been to visit Hever Castle in June, and now we’ve just been to Margate, where we visited Dover and then Canterbury.

It was my birthday in July, and so we decided to spend a few days away from everything in a cute little AirBnb. It was a converted basement that was spacious and comfortable.

It was a chance to reset and recharge, kind of. Except I struggled to switch off. As I always do.

Anyway, more about the trip.

We were the for four days, three nights.

Like Chas and Dave, we went “Doooooowwwwnnn to Margit“ (for reference, here’s the YouTube Link:

We were staying in Margate, but after a quick check online, we realised there wasn’t a great deal to do. Except for walking along the seafront, which we did, and managed to amass our daily 10,000 steps.

On the second day, we ventured down to Dover. We parked up on the cliffs and visited the Castle. The weather was luxurious and we managed to get burnt... thanks wind!

Dover Castle was magnificent. It was beautiful and kept in pristine condition. I was thoroughly impressed, and would recommend anyone visit it If they had the time.

On our final full day, we drove down to Canterbury. A lot of my school friends went to university there, and I‘d never been, but I had heard good things about it.

The town centre is nice and leisurely. The only problem was, we wanted to visit the Cathedral, but you had to pay to even be able to see it up close. Which we were not impressed with. The building itself was surrounded by buildings and shops, shutting it off from view. And then, The Gate, where you would usually be able to see through, was under construction, so there was no access. Obviously, to the side of it was the entrance, where you had to pay £10 per person.

Not good.

The saving grace however, came in the form of food.

A delicious lamb shank quickly found its way in my stomach, and then we went home content.

Finally, on the way back, we visited a Roman Fort.

Now, I love all that sort of stuff. Something that‘s steeped in history, and it amazes me that it still survives to this day, 2000 years later. Thoroughly enjoyed that.

If you‘re interested.

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