New release: Floor 68, the second instalment in the Jake Tanner series

A deadly virus. A crusading scientist. A traumatised detective with one chance to save billions of lives… 

Jake Tanner is tormented by memories of the people he’s failed to save. Hoping to give his spinning mind a break, the detective treats his wife and kids to a fancy meal in London’s tallest building. He never expected that his family time would be cut short by a biological terrorist…

Cut off from outside help and struggling with his PTSD, Jake may be the only man who can save the hostages and thwart the horrific attack. As a deadly game of cat-and-mouse begins, the detective must conquer his own demons to outwit a deranged mastermind. If he fails, the airborne pathogen's devious purpose will decimate humanity's future.

Can Jake defeat a savage psychopath before the virus annihilates humankind?

Floor 68 is now available on all retailers:




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It’s also available in hardback, paperback and large print formats!

This novel has taken almost a year to write, edit and publish. It’s been a seemingly long process, and at the beginning I didn’t think I would publish it — it felt like it was taking an age and, for a while, I kept putting it off.

Perhaps I was too afraid of the story. It’s bigger, and it’s better than Standstill, so perhaps I was afraid I couldn’t handle it well. The story was too big and complex for me...

Well, according to some early feedback, it’s the best yet.

So in your face pessimistic me!

And I, after careful consideration, would agree. Floor 68 is a tighter novel, with more going on, more characters to contend with and storylines to follow. But it’s better for another reason: I interjected some flaws into Jake. This is the first time we experience an internal flaw and setback for him — he’s not the untouchable, invincible superhero we all think he is.

After all, he’s only human, just like the rest of us. And that shines through in Floor 68.

There are so many things that are going on in the Jake Tanner universe — both before and after Floor 68 — which feed into the story.

But, fear not, all will become clear.

You can download Floor 68 from the below retailers:

Amazon: US, UK, CA, AU

Kobo: US, UK, CA, AU

iBooks: US, UK, CA, AU


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