My Summer Travels 2017: Poland.


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I've recently just returned from Poland (two days before An Unlikely Betrayal was released) and have taken a much needed break.

We were traveling around the south of Poland for nine days, going to four different places. We were in Katowice for four days, then we traveled east to Kraków, then south to Zakopane, then west to Wroclaw.

Lots of sightseeing. Lots of walking. Lots of sweating.

In total, I think we managed to walk 35,000 steps - which equates to something crazy like 33km.

While we were staying in Katowice, we caught up with some of my girlfriend's family, had a birthday party where there was copious amounts of food, and then spent the rest of the days in the sun.

Then we hitched a lift to Kraków, where we stayed in an AirBnB (as did we for the rest of the holiday). The room we were staying in was very modern and very picturesque.

Kraków is a lovely city. My first impression were great. It even has a castle. And I LOVE castles. Castles.

Annoyingly, during our stay in Kraków, Auschwitz or Schindler's Factory were fully booked, which I was bummed about - but there's always another time!

After we'd finished wandering around Kraków city centre, it was time to travel south by bus to Zakopane in the south of Poland. It's mountainous with mountains appearing after every turn. We left the 30 degree heat of Kraków and were greeted with cloud and sub 20 degree temperatures.

Not too bad, but it got worse.

Zakopane is famous for its mountainous walks and a glorious lake called Morskie Oko. We did have aspirations for going hiking and seeing it. But when we woke up on our full day there, it was raining. And when I say raining, I mean RAINING. If it had been similar circumstances in the UK, everyone would be having a meltdown and it would be considered a storm.

But did that stop us? Like hell it did.

Like the intrepid explorers we are, we ventured outside in our shorts, t-shirt and trainers into the battering weather. We soon regretted the decision. Within seconds we were drenched, and with signs of the weather calming down, were stuck. In the end we got some rain macs and bin bags, wrapped them around ourselves multiple times, and walked to the town centre.

After wandering around for a bit, heedless of the damage we were doing to our bodies (summer colds are always the worst), we went home, warmed up and slept.

Then it came to our final destination in our nine day adventure. Wroclaw. Because there were no direct trains to Wroclaw from Zakopane, and because we were on a budget, we got a bus back to Kraków, then one across to Wroclaw.

We arrived at about 9pm. Bedtime. Sorted.

In the morning, as you'd expect, we went into the city centre. When we first walked into the city I was amazed. There were gnomes everywhere. Gnomes!

Around the city there are hundreds of copper gnomes. They all mean something... But I don't know what. I was too focused on trying to find them all, like a child in a big treasure hunt, to actually care about what significance they held.

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