Jake Tanner thought he'd put The Crimsons behind him. He was wrong.

On the first of December, my girlfriend and I will be celebrating two things:

- the unofficial day that it's socially acceptable to put up the Christmas tree

- and the release of The Confession, book 3 in the Jake Tanner crime thriller series

Right, I lied. When I said "we", I meant me - about one of those two, in fact.

Turns out we've had our Christmas tree up since the 18th November. (I know. Not my decision. Don't get me started.) So i'll be celebrating the time it's acceptable to put it up properly - and then I'll start to get into the Christmas spirit.

And I'll be celebrating even more because, the book I've spent the longest time on, will be released. That's some to cheer about, no?

The Confession is the third instalment in the series. And, as I've already said above, it's my best yet.

It's the one - to my surprise - I'm most pleased with. So far.

it took a long time to get it to where it is, and I'm pleased with the finished product, with the outcome.

120,000 words of police corruption, murder, greed, betrayal, lies, and mystery.

It's also one of the most complex stories I've ever written (so many threads and plot points!), and I can't wait for you to read it.

DC Jake Tanner thought he'd put the turmoil of the case that nearly killed him behind him. He was wrong.
When Danny Cipriano’s body is discovered buried in a concrete tomb, Jake's wounds are reopened.
But one thing quickly becomes clear. The former leader of The Crimsons knew too much. And somebody wanted him silenced. For good.
The only problem is, Jake knows who.
As the case begins to unravel, he realises the tentacles of police corruption spread far and wide, and the financial gains are greater than he imagined.
With finances of his own beginning to get out of control, and debt levels quickly rising, will Jake be tempted to tread the path he promised never to take? Or will he betray the ones he once thought he could trust even though, in this industry, knowing things can get you killed?

Tickle your fancy?

The Confession is available for pre-order/download at this link: https://geni.us/CID3

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