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Updated: May 14, 2020

When I first set out to write the Jake Tanner series, I didn’t plan on it being as long and as complex as it currently is.

I thought it was going to be a series of novels with death defying stakes and risks, joining Jake right in the middle-to-end of his career.

But then, as I started to the stories, I knew there was a whole breadth of ideas that I needed to tell about Jake before the ones I was writing.

The amount of ideas I had was crazy. The first ever Jake Tanner story I wrote was Standstill, where Jake faces Adil and Moshat Hakim on a terrorist attack in London.

I then wrote An Unlikely Betrayal as the prequel novella — this was the story that “showed you how Jake got into anti terrorism.” An Unlikely Betrayal was just supposed to be a quick read for people that gave them a cheap insight into how Jake gets to where he is, how he moves from CID to SO15.

But then I realised, by this point Jake had already been in CID for several years, and these were years’ worth of stories that I hadn’t told.

Something needed to be done about that. And what I also realised was that things that happen in former stories feed into later stories.

Case in point: there was backstory that I was writing for Standstill, which I hadn’t figured out yet, and to know it, I needed to have an idea in mind for something that happened to Jake. (I’m being purposely vague because I don’t want to give away too much.) But you see where I’m coming from.

So, one afternoon, I took some time out and planned the entire Jake Tanner series. From start to present.

And this is what I’ve been left with (below).

Now, another caveat(s): An Unlikely Betrayal, as a story is going to change, but not that drastically; and, secondly, The Red Viper is another marketing ploy I created to demonstrate how Jake became involved in the police force — it’s the inciting incident that convinced him to become a member of the police. It’s free, and if you haven’t read it yet, you can download it here: The Red Viper Download.

After that afternoon (and it was the best, honestly), I finally decided on the Jake Tanner series reading order.

In short, it contains three chronological series, which make up the entire series of Jake’s life and career.

The first series follows Jake through the initial stages of his career in CID. These will be serial based novels, insofar as they will be released weekly, in 10k word instalments, called “episodes”. There will be six episodes per “season” (so around 60,000 words in all), and there will be six seasons in the series. Confusing? I know, but it’ll make sense with the list below. (An Unlikely Betrayal, as it currently stands, will become the final season in this series.)

The second series will follow Jake through the initial stages of his development in SO15. These are going to be lightning quick reads. They will be novellas, of varying length, but with a max of approx. 30,000 words. Of course, because they’re shorter, there will be more of them. In total, there will be nine novellas in the second series.

And the final series is the present day life of Jake Tanner. It’s the full-length novel series that Standstill and Floor 68 are a part of. It is with Jake at his most vulnerable, where things in his life are going to begin to fall down. I haven’t worked out how many stories there will be in this series, but I will like for this series to remain as flexible as possible.

If you’re completely lost, I don’t blame you, but here’s the complete list of the recommended Jake Tanner reading order.

2010-2013: CID Cases

1) CID Case #1 - The Conspiracy

2) CID Case #2 - The Community

3) CID Case #3 - The Confession

4) CID Case #4 - The Cadre

5) CID Case #5 - The Company

6) CID Case #6 - The Cabal

2013-2017: SO15 Files

1) SO15 File #1 (title TBC)

2) SO15 File #2 (title TBC)

3) SO15 File #3 (title TBC)

4) SO15 File #4 (title TBC)

5) SO15 File #5 (title TBC)

6) SO15 File #6 (title TBC)

7) SO15 File #7 (title TBC)

8) SO15 File #8 (title TBC)

9) SO15 File #9 (title TBC)

2017-present: Terror Thriller Series

1) Standstill

2) Floor 68

Then, any point/book after Floor 68 will become part of the Terror Thriller Series. I’m waiting until I have written all 6 of the CID Cases and all 9 of the SO15 Files before I publish anything else in the Terror Thriller Series. It makes the best sense to be able to read the stories in chronological order for you, the reader.

As of June 2019, I’ve written, CID #1, CID#2, SO15 #1-9. I only have four more CID Cases to draft — and one of them just needs a rewrite! I aim to finish rest of the CID Cases (first draft), by the end of the year. And then, hopefully, after that point, I’ll be able to rapid release them and get them out as soon as possible so I can begin to write the next instalment in the Terror Thriller series.

I hope this clears things up — it certainly took me a long enough time to decide upon it all!

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