Jake Tanner Character Profiles: Building the Universe

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

Over the coming weeks I'm going to be building the Jake Tanner universe on this website.

That means I'm going to be giving you the opportunity to meet all the characters, locations and things in my Jake Tanner series.

Over the past few weeks I've been working all of this out in my head.

I've create the entire history of Jake Tanner, from his inception into the police force, through to the present day in Counter Terrorism Command (CTC).

Which means there are many more stories to be told.

But this has brought with it its own issues and concerns.

Where do I begin? Do I continue to write and publish the novels in series set in the present day? Or do I stop and start from the beginning — Jake’s first ever case in the Criminal Investigation Department?

These are stories that deserve to be told as they enrich Jake’s — and everyone else’s — history.

So, that is why I've come to the conclusion I'm going to write the beginning of Jake’s career whilst simultaneously writing the present day stories. Whether or not I publish them at the same time or complete one series before on, is yet to be seen.

But here's what I've got planned:

1) The first series is going to be serialised stories about Jake’s tenure with the Criminal Investigation Department in the Met Police. AN UNLIKELY BETRAYAL (already released) is going to be part of this series.

2) Next, the second is going to be a series of novellas focusing on Jake’s early days in Counter Terrorism Command right up to the present moment.

3) The final series — the main series — has already started with Standstill, and follows Jake through his experiences fighting terrorists in full length novels.

So, in short, it goes from PC, to DC at CID, and finally to DC at CTC. Simple, right? If only.

As Jake’s life progresses, so do the story lengths: serialised pieces of 10,000 words each —> novellas (20,000 + words) —> novels (80,000 + words), easing the reader into the multiple series.

Along the way, Jake will meet many new people and encounter many trials and tribulations, the majority of which may make a reappearance in later stories.

To put it lightly, I can’t wait to write them all. If only I could write them all in one go and publish now!

But first, I’ve got to write the profiles, get to know the characters and their roles in the stories far better than I all ready do.

All part of the process. So keep an eye out on the blog, and you’ll be as clued up as me on Jake Tanner and everyone in his life.

Hey — you might even know what he’s going to do before I do.

Or, worse, you might know what stories I’m going to write and what he’s going to do in them…

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