Holding myself accountable

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

Recently, I decided to become more creative. I've set myself a daily task of writing 2,000 words of original work; complete a Jake Tanner character profile (of which there are a finite amount); a blog post; and maybe a short story.

That's a lot of writing.

Nearly four thousand words a day.

To me that's productivity.

Sometimes I might not be able to complete it all. Sometimes I might. But so long as I've done at least more than fifty percent of them, I'm happy.

It's a lot to take on, but I want to. I need something to keep me busy, and hold myself accountable.

Because every now and then I feel I'm wasting the spare time I have. If I'm not writing then things inside my head don't go very well.

Which is sort of what this post is about. A place to hold me accountable.

So every time I'm stuck or struggling on what things I should be doing, this is the post I'm going to use to reflect on.



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