Ever wanted to become a detective? Now you can

If you’ve ever wondered if you have what it takes to become a detective, then look no further.

Coming soon: On The Case - the new interactive detective series which tests your detective skills.

If you were faced with solving a crime, and you were given some clues, victim identities and a handful of suspects, could you solve it?

Over the past few months, in the background, in the breaks I have between writing the Jake Tanner series, I’ve been working on a fun interactive series.

There’s such a wealth of content out there — be it Netflix, Twitter, Facebook, books — I just wanted to add some more into the mixture. But, unlike a lot of the content out there, I hope this will be more exciting and slightly more entertaining. It’ll make you think and put those little grey cells to use.

The premise is simple: once a month, direct to your Facebook Messenger inbox, you’ll be sent a message notifying of a gruesome murder that’s taken place.

Somebody’s been killed. And it's your job to work out whodunit.

Over a series of messages — which you get to elect a response to — you’ll be presented with information about the victims, given access to clues that have been discovered, as well as granted permission to interview the suspects involved in the case.

By the end of it all, there should be enough information in the messages for you to be confident enough with making a decision as to who is responsible for the crime.

And that’s it. In a nutshell.

Think of it like a choose your own adventure style thing, but digital... and on Facebook... and about solving crime.

Still need more convincing? More explanation?

Well, the good news is, I recorded a little video of how to play it.

Check the video below:

I’m really excited to be launching On The Case.

I have a few ideas planned in terms of content for the first few months, with a lot more brewing in my mind.

And, you never know, if you’re a fan, and you have an idea for an episode of On The Case, then you can pitch it to me, and if I like it, then I’ll feature it in one of the episodes!

On the Case is not meant to be deadly serious — it’s designed to be a fun, interactive and enjoyable pastime.

There will be more information coming soon.

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