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So yesterday I received my first editorial review - Woohoo!

When I originally published An Unlikely Betrayal, I submitted the manuscript to some editorial websites for reviews. That was at the beginning of September. I had since completely forgotten I sent the manuscript to these places until I got one back in the afternoon.

At first I was worried and hesitant. I’ll admit, I was afraid at what it might say. What if it was terrible? What if the reviewer hated it? How humiliating.

But then I grew a pair and opened up that email, signed in, and read it.

And boy, did it make my day!


So, my editorial review for An Unlikely Betrayal was from READERS’ FAVORITE. If you’ve not heard of them, you can find them here.

Here’s what the editorial review said:

A girl is abducted from the murder scene of a prominent barrister and held for ransom with a short time limit in the exciting murder mystery novel, An Unlikely Betrayal (A Jake Tanner Thriller) by Jack Probyn. All the years that Detective Jake Tanner has worked at the precinct he has worked from the desk. Now his superior has taken him out of the office and thrown Jake into a high-profile case. Not only does this case involve the murder of a barrister, his wife, and his youngest daughter, but it also includes the kidnapping of the barrister's oldest daughter.

Partnered with the aggressive and volatile Detective Ashley Rivers, Jake tries to make sense of the confusing aspects of the case. With Ashley bullying him, and the inspector breathing down their necks wanting instant results, Jake struggles with the unfamiliar element of being in the front line. Although criminal psychology is his expertise, will Jake's inexperience trip them up? The clock is ticking, and the teenage girl's life is at stake. Can Jake and Ashley unravel the discrepancies in the case and save her before their time is up?

An Unlikely Betrayal (A Jake Tanner Thriller) by Jack Probyn is a suspenseful murder mystery with a tangent. The story has several subplots laced within the storyline which come together, forming a fascinating tale of deception and death. It has a psychological thriller facet to the plot that keeps the reader captivated until the unexpected conclusion. With compelling characters and an enthralling storyline, this exceptional novel will entertain and delight fans of thrillers, suspense, and murder mysteries.

You can expect to see some snappy sentences from the last paragraph sporadically placed around my website and book pages on Amazon etc soon!


Perhaps you’re wondering, “Jack, what are editorial reviews in the first place?”

Well, confused person, I am here to help!

Editorial Reviews are reviews from independent and impartial reviewers. They will read your book in exchange for a review - however most will only reply with one if they enjoyed it and gave it more than four stars. That being said, there are others out there who are not afraid to give a novel one or two stars. They act as a certain authority for readers - which leads me to my next point.


In an ever growing society where we rely heavily upon review and social proof, an editorial review can go a long way. Think for a second, the first thing you do before doing practically anything is determined by how many reviews a certain book/event/restaurant/hotel has, don’t you?

We all do it. Because we’re human. And we need some sort of validation from others around us to help us make a plunge, or before we decide to part with some cash.

And that’s how editorial reviews can help. Case in point: ‘Book A’ is a newly released book and has no reviews - or maybe only a few here and there. Book B, on the other hand, has a handful reviews and - oh, wait! What’s that!? - a review from a respected author/institution. Hold on, this book must be the real deal! Let me get that one instead.

See what I mean? Makes sense, no?

Not only can editorial reviews give you some vital social proof, they can also increase your motivation.

Let me explain:

Up until I received the editorial review, I had always wondered whether my work/writing was good enough, whether it was truly valued. I think that’s the curse of every writer, but I was suffering from it quite badly. As soon as I saw the editorial review come in, I felt ecstatic, elated.

Someone really enjoyed my book and said nice things about it!


So I’ve used this a motivation to get me to shout about my book a little more, and feel proud of myself for having achieved something quite remarkable - even hitting the self-publish button is an achievement in itself! Now, this does by no means that my writing/novels will ever be as good as Dickens or anyone of a similar standard, but who’s to say I can’t use this momentum to have people discussing my work at some point in the future?

No one.

So get out there, submit your manuscript to various editorial reviews, and WAIT! You have to be patient.

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