Editing The Next Jake Tanner Novel

Over the past few weeks I’ve been working hard at getting the next instalment in the Detective Jake Tanner series edited, ready for beta readers and then subsequently ready for sending to a professional editor.

Eventually, after almost two weeks of editing, I have finished it!

I averaged about four or five chapters a day, which was a nice and steady pace. And I managed to exceed my target of having everything done by the end of the month.

Currently, the manuscript is sitting at about 97,000 words. Crazy! When I started editing, the word count was 98,000. So, in the space of a week/two weeks, I’ve managed to add subtract... which I think is what you're supposed to be doing. Nevertheless, it will not make the story any less exciting - trust me.

During the editing process, I got that vigour back, that excitement - that excitement I had all those months ago when I originally wrote the manuscript. And I thoroughly enjoyed where the writing and the story was taking me, something I hope to be able to replicate with the reader. Jake and his new partner, Tyler, are up to their old antics, and their bond is one that I think will resonate with many readers - including myself. Everyone will have a friend like Tyler, and if they don’t - it’s them!

Mamadou, Jake’s boss, is back to being the tyrant he was in An Unlikely Betrayal. And there are lots of other, new, characters that I’ve introduced. Some of whom may well make return appearances in future novels to come. You’ll just have to wait and see.

I have, however, encountered a problem with the new novel. When I originally wrote the manuscript, almost a year ago, I was set on the title of it being The Next Destination.

But after some deliberation, I have decided to change the title of the novel.

The only problem. I have no idea what to name it!

I’ve studied and gathered some research on similar titles by similar authors and have a shortlist…

They are the following:

- 360 Minutes

- 6 Hours

- Triple Threat

- Interception

- Standstill

Now, these are in no way shape, or form the final final final shortlist. Things could change. I could have an epiphany at any moment and completely disregard all suggestions thus far.

But I’m curious, what are your thoughts? What do you think? Have you got any suggestions?



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