CID 1: The Conspiracy: Episode 1 - Launch Post 4

Writers will often tell you that their books are like their babies. 

That’s true. But with books you have to learn to put your emotional attachment to the side when you publish them. 

People aren’t going to like the book and they’re going to leave bad/scathing reviews. But then there will be people who absolute love it and leave positive, glowing reviews. And, as a writer — especially an indie author — you have to learn to emotionally detach yourself from the book. 

The book is a product. The book is going to bring in money. 

If there’s something wrong with the story, then there’s something with the book — the product. But not you as an author. 

How does this relate to The Conspiracy? Because once you accept that there might be some flaws in the story (not that there ever should be many), then you begin to appreciate the positives about the book, and you begin to focus on why people might enjoy it instead. 

For example, The Conspiracy is replete with betrayal and second guessing, and Jake is forced to question everything he knows about the people he’s working with. There’s a layer of corruption that I’ve wanted to included and weave throughout ALL six books. There’s an invisible enemy that Jake has to bring down — along with some other bad guys on the way. In CID 1 - The Conspiracy, I introduce that well, so it leaves you guessing and wanting more! 

Another reason why I love The Conspiracy is because it features a devious device that I’ve not seen in many other crime books. The Crimsons use a contraption to help force the police’s hand and help them evade capture — but there are some twists and turns when it comes to the device as well. 

In short, not everything is as it seems. 

Not only am I excite about the book being released — and for you to have a chance to read it — I’m also excited about the whole series in general. It’s going to be absolutely fantastic. 

The Conspiracy begins release on 8th June. 

You can download the episodes here: 

Episode 1 -

Episode 2 -

Episode 3 -

Episode 4 -

Episode 5 -

Episode 6 -

Episodes are 0.99 each and available in Kindle Unlimited. 

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