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Now, I’m not a police officer. Nor am I planning on becoming one. 

So, entering into the police world can be a daunting thing for any author — especially if they have no idea about any of it. 

For the CID Case Series — and in fact the entire series — I wanted to make the story/procedure of the novel as accurate as possible without detracting from the pace of the story. 

Now, that’s not always easy to do, and so as a writer I’ve had to extend some creative license. But I’ve learned my lesson. 

Let’s go back to 2017 quickly. I was in the middle of writing Standstill, and I decided I was going to publish a novella on how Jake got into counter terrorism. So I wrote a little murders mystery featuring a lawyer and his family as well as an abducted daughter. I called it: An Unlikely Betrayal. I wrote the novella in a couple of weeks, did some quick proofreading and editing and then hit publish. It had a shoddy cover, was poorly edited and proofread, and the reviews were testament to that. 

But the biggest piece of criticism I received — and took to heart — was the fact I didn’t know my procedure. 

And, now that I’m writing police procedurals where Jake, as a character, is a stickler for the rules, I needed to know my stuff. 

So I embarked on the challenge of understanding much of the police procedure as I could. 

We’re talking warrants, search and arrest, Senior Investigating Officer’s roles, forensics, armed officers, counter surveillance, fraud investigation. 

The lot. 

In fact, I now have a whole library of police books that I’ve used to inform my writing and processes. 

I mean, that’s a lot of books and that’s a lot of research. Some of it wasn’t applicable — and some of them will feature later on in the series (like the covert surveillance, for example) — but I think it’s helped inform the piece of work I’ve been working on. 

But... there’s only so much a book can teach you (as with anything, but let’s not get into that). 

Unless you’ve been there, done that, lived and breathed the process, you can only reach so far. 

So, what I’ve done, for The Conspiracy, is team up with an ex-police detective who’s worked on James Patterson and a host of other well-known author for him to add that extra layer of authenticity to the story and to my writing. 

Because, if you can’t trust me to write a good procedural that’s factual and accurate yet entertaining, then how are you going to trust me on anything else? 

The simple answer is: you’re not. 

And I want to the make the CID Case Series as accurate as possible. I want to make it a bestseller. I want to make it an absolute scorcher that you won’t be able to put down. 

I’m getting there.  



Episode 1 -

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Episodes are 0.99 each and available in Kindle Unlimited. 

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