BOOK REVIEW - A Murderous Approach, by Darryl Donaghue

Firstly, I'll start with what the books about as can be found on Amazon:

"A Killer with a sense of entitlement. The women who have to pay. The detective battling a toxic idea.

When the dead body of a young woman is found on display in the street, DC Sarah Gladstone knows she will be hunting an unusual killer. The initial leads direct the investigation to a recently jilted lover, a former police officer with friends in high places, and the victim's college teacher and his penchant for abusing women online.

As the investigation gains momentum, the discovery of a second body throws the case up in the air. The search for the killer leads down into the depths of a toxic online community where dangerous ideas, having gone unchecked, have begun to spill out into the real world.

With the case raising questions for the suspects, questions for the police, and questions for society...Can Sarah put a stop to the killer's murder spree, or will she become his final victim?

A Murderous Approach is the third novel in the Sarah Gladstone series from crime fiction author Darryl Donaghue."

My opinion/review:

This is the first novel of Darryl Donaghue’s that I have read, and I found it really refreshing and exciting. I have another of Darryl's books in my TBR list, and I thoroughly enjoyed A Murderous Approach. The novel follows DC Sarah Gladstone on a peculiar seeming murder case. First a girl turns up dead, followed by another two. It's an exciting novel with lots of intrigue and it is well written.

I particularly liked the main character, DC Sarah Gladstone, because there's an interesting insight into her personal life which is far from successful. In addition, Darryl offers a fresh perspective of policing in they eyes of a woman. I also found A Murderous Approach to be incredibly insightful into the ways of the police force. This has helped me to better understand the police procedural side of things in my novels, Standstill.

Darryl really injects some his personal knowledge into the story. And what's better is that he doesn't do it in a way that overwhelms the reader and seems like an info dump.

There is a slight twist at the end which shocked and entertained me - I wasn't expecting it.

Definitely would recommend A Murderous Approach, and what makes it even better is that Darryl is a fellow indie author like me!

You can find more about Darryl here.

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