An Unlikely Betrayal: One Month On

Woohoo! So, today signals the one month anniversary of the release of An Unlikely Betrayal, the first instalment in my Detective Jake Tanner crime thriller series. If you’ve not had a chance to check it out, and want to do so before carrying on with this post, then you can do so here:

- blog post about An Unlikely Betrayal

- Buy An Unlikely Betrayal on AMAZON UK

- Buy An Unlikely Betrayal on AMAZON USA

- Buy An Unlikely Betrayal on iBooks

With that out of the way, we can begin. As I was saying up top, it’s been a month since I released my first-ever publication into the big wide world. It was both a thrill and source of discomfort. There were many unknowns, but I like to think it’s gone okay.

The reason for this post is to recap on those 30 days. And, more specifically, what I’ve learnt since An Unlikely Betrayal was released.

Where to begin?

I think firstly, we should discuss numbers.

On An Unlikely Betrayal’s initial release date, I sold a total of 6 copies. Six! Even thought that may sound like an absolute minuscule amount, I don’t consider it to be a failure in any way, shape or form.

The reason’s for this are twofold: nobody knows who I am just yet; I did not put into place a proper launch plan.

This is the first lesson I have learnt from An Unlikely Betrayal’s release - but more of that to come below.

Now, back to numbers!

In total, I think I have sold 30+ copies, which, in my opinion, is a great amount. Sure, it’s the millions I was hoping. But, unfortunately, I need to be realistic *rolls eyes*.

Another lesson I’ve learnt. But, as I’ve said already, more of that to come.

In terms of sales reach, and ranking reach. The book, at its peak, managed to hit 14,000 exactly, a few days after its launch on the Amazon UK store, and it got into the top 1,000 for its category. Of course, the rankings have dropped off since then, but I’m not too fussed; I’m actively trying to get the next book out as soon as possible!

Of those generous 30+ people who have read my book, five have reviewed on Amazon UK, and four have reviewed on iBooks. That’s great coverage for me, even if one of them is a one star (everyone’s a critic!). Hopefully, as An Unlikely Betrayal gets into the hands of more and more readers, I’ll receive more and more reviews.

That’s the dream, at least.


A couple of days after that all important day, I relaxed. I didn’t do too much around the writing, instead, I watched the Amazon Store rankings like a hawk, shamelessly boasting about hitting a then high of 17,000 on the UK paid store on my Twitter feed. But other than that, I didn’t do too much.

I spent some time redsigning my website, and also some time putting together the automation sequences for readers when they sign up to my mailing list. This, subsequently, required me to have a change of plans as to what I was offering readers. Previously, I was offering a short story collection as an eBook, but after having a rethink, I decided to offer the aforementioned eBook AND an exclusive Jake Tanner character sheet.

This took me an afternoon to make and perfect. And so far it’s been holding up quite well.

After having created this incentive, I set up some Facebook Ads which I experimented with for a week and saw some good results. So, other the coming weeks/months, I will be implementing these, too, in order to grow my mailing list.

Next - and it kind of intertwines with something I’ve learnt, but I’m willing to place it under this category - I started to edit the next instalment in the Jake Tanner crime thriller series. It was a novel I had already written, and I had spent the past year procastinating when it came to editing. Finally, after realising that I needed to get the book out there as soon as possible (that’s where it fits in below), I edited it. And, roughly two weeks later, only the other day in fact, I managed to finish the edits. The novel has now already been submitted to beta readers so they can cast their feedback and opinions on it before I send it off to an editor. Hopefully, I’ll have an editor booked soon and ready to go after I’ve made the appropriate revisions because… well, I’m incredibly impatient!

While I was editing the next instalment in the Jake Tanner series, I came up against a pretty big hurdle: I was unhappy with the title. Up until this point, I had been calling it, The Next Destination. But, after careful deliberation, I realised it was pretty naff and required a change. I did some research, saw what worked well for other writers in similar genres to mine, and… I’m still no closer to having a title for the book!

Not to worry, I’m sure one will turn up.

But, in the past I’ve talked about being prepared and being incredible organised well ahead of the time - well, I was going to put that to the test. I was going to hire a graphic designer to create the title cover for the next book before it had even been properly edited/professionally edited! How organised is that? But then, obviously, I’ve since had my little stumble in the progress and have been unable to get one sorted yet. Which is kind of a good thing, because I’m completely miffed I know what I want it to look like!

In time, I’m sure.

But enough of that. It’s time to look at WHAT I’VE LEARNT SINCE AN UNLIKELY BETRAYAL WAS RELEASED.

The most important thing I’ve learnt is the importance of strategy.

And boy, oh, boy, is it important.

Next time round, when I unleash the first, proper, full-length novel in the Jake Tanner series, I’m going to make sure everyone knows about it. The entire world.

And that’s because I believe in the novel. I think it’s an exciting, original concept and focuses on an incredibly prevalent issue.

But enough of the teasers, back to what I learnt.

Next time round, I’m going to bite my tongue, hold back from releasing the novel as soon as it is ready, and WAIT. I’m going to submit the novel to relevant blogs, reviewing companies, relevant people, and my street team so they can get their reviews in on the day of the launch.

I’m going to build my list, and prime them ready so they can make the most of the launch day sales, and I’m also going to conduct a blog tour.

Also, with the help of physical books (everyone still loves analogue books, don’t they? I know for certain Instagram does!), I’m going to hand out physical copies, maybe even a few signed ones. The logistics of this I am still yet to configure but I’m convinced it could work.

In short, there’s a lot more that I’m going to get involved with then it comes to releasing the second Jake Tanner novel.

I’m excited. And I hope you are too.

Why not join me, and sign up to my mailing list here…

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