Adventures of a Travelling Author: Morzine 2018

This weekend I went to Morzine, in the Alps, with my dad for a snowboarding holiday. It was the first time in about ten years since he and I last went, and it was great!

The last time I went snowboarding was with university, in Les Deux, and that was just as much fun.

We booked it through a package thing on the internet, and by midday on Sunday, we were there and ready to go. We purchased a half-day on the ski pass and spent the rest of the day boarding down the face of the mountain.

It was really foggy, and my goggles wouldn't fit over my glasses, so I had to risk it and go goggle-less. That first day, dad and I went on a small green run so we could get back into the swing of things. And within a half hour we were up to speed and ready.

The following day, we went on the other side of the mountain on a gondola thing and went up and down a few of those runs in Super Morzine/Avoriaz. The weather was glorious, and the picture at the top of this post was taken from my iPhone 7 right in the heart of the mountains. We spent the entire day going round, picking up speed and carving through the snow.

Dad managed to reach a top speed of 37.5 mph, while my fastest was 34 mph. The only difference between was us was that dad lost control of the board and landed on his backside, damaging his behind. For the rest of the holiday he was in some pain, and had to take it a little easier.

That meant I was a little more adventurous and daring than he, and so I went over a few jumps and off-piste a few times.

The food in Morzine was delicious as well - we found a nice little restaurant nearby where we were staying and I had one of the best steaks I've ever eaten. Shame it was so expensive elsewhere on the mountain: on the first day, we had a can of coke and packet of chips each and it came to 20 euros! Crazy.

We were really lucky with the weather while we were there. It only snowed a couple of time and even then it wasn't much. It was cloudy more than anything, although I still managed to get slightly burned somehow... not sure how that works.

In total we managed to get a full three days' worth of snowboarding in, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. My body aches so much now, though. But it was worth it.

Here's some pictures of my time there:

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