So, this is my first 100 Words or Less post.

It's going to be part of my new strategy where I post two a month. They will be posted on Fridays on a bi-weekly basis. So there will most definitely be a lot more strategy and structure to my posts over the next few months.

In addition, they'll be a welcome change from my usual "update" posts. Add some flavour to this blog of mine, I shall.

Before we begin, I think I'll give you some context to what 100 Words or Less is all about.

I started writing small pieces of "flash fiction" in 2017 after I did a 100 word writing challenge over at Chris Fielden's website. Since then, my desire to be as creative and weird and wacky with my flash fiction flourished, and in the space of about two weeks I had written thirty or so of these pieces.

Now I am releasing them into the world for all to read and appreciate and admire.

So, I hope you enjoy!

Here's the first one I ever created:

I stare into it, mesmerised. The dancing flames encapsulate me and send me into a world of pain and torture.

It’s warm here, too. A comforting warmth that reminds me of when I was sat in the kitchen, using the heat of the oven to warm me. The blue flames roared silently, but I could hear them. I could hear the thousand empty screaming souls that were being released into the confines of the oven. The noise stopped as soon as my mother pulled me away.

It wasn’t long until I heard them again, including her own.

Misunderstood, fire is.


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